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Friday, 24 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day# 5

What is and isn't working

Ill start on a good note and explain what is working. I guess first and foremost the flats themselves are working for me, I love the absorbency and the options they give. My favorite flats are my receiving blankets, they seem to absorb a bit more and have more thickness. I also like that they are a touch bigger, that helps with folding. The biggest plus with the receiving blanket flats is that the teeth of the snappi (y-shaped closure with teeth to grip the fabric) don't go all the way through and scratch her skin. Love the snappi, never even touched my pins. Love, love, love the wool cover I made...I need to hurry up and finish the one I'm currently working on. My micro fleece liners have saved my sanity, Hadley started to get red from the wet (flats keep the wet against baby's bum) I was scared I would be battling diaper rash the entire week but the liners keep her dry. I have managed to work out a wash routine that works, which I explained in my last post. I wash once a day, too lazy to do more. The folds that have worked the best for us are the pad fold (used in a cover or as a doubler), origami fold, and gaynors fold. 

What isn't working
I'm not a fan of my store bought covers, the edges of the Velcro scratch little Hadley's legs and they just seem to rub her in different spots. TEETHING...I haven't changed this many poopy dipes since she was a newborn, this afternoon has been better. Lets hope her bathroom schedule is back to normal for the rest of the challenge and I'm back to cleaning pee diapers only. Ill be honest, I was close to giving up today when my dirty pail had 13 diapers in it and she was still going through them like crazy. But I figure in the spirit of the challenge, I must continue. We are trying to show that this is doable full time....if I gave up now I would be negating the fact. 

Almost there! I can hear my washing machine calling my name...I haven't done any laundry, I'm afraid to even look at my machine lol. Monday morning will be here soon. 

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