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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge-Day 1

I know I'm a day behind......I was visiting my family in southern Ontario the day the challenge started. I managed to survive, things can only get easier being at home right? 

Why I decided to participate?
First of all anyone who knows me knows that I ever shy away from a challenge. When I saw a challenge involving cloth diapers, I knew this was for me. There are definitely more than just one reason to take this challenge but if I'm honest with everyone my reasons were more selfish than most participants. For the past few months I've been researching ways to keep my baby's bum cool in the summer. PUL (the waterproof fabric on the outside of a pocket diaper) isn't very breathable and I have it in my mind that I needed something cooler for summer (if it ever comes to Thunder Bay). My research led me to flats with wool covers, which lead me to Dirty Diaper Laundry's Blog where I found out about the challenge. I figured what better way to test out how I liked using them by entering the challenge. 

After looking into the challenge an reading some articles, I feel that it is important to show people there are other options out there. Whether it be needing to save money, the environment, or your baby's bum. Cloth diapering isn't for everyone but there is certainly a cloth diapering option for every family no matter the situation. 

How did my day go?
Things were going great, diapers were going on well and Hadley was in high spirits. Then came Handwashing time......I managed to use all 12 diapers yesterday and figured I'd do them all in one load after she was sleeping. Bad idea, I managed but today I already started a load and its only 11am. 12 diapers is way too man to wash at one time. 

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