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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge - Day #3

Today's Blog topic is bloggers choice....I will be writing about my plane ride with  flats and our partial EC (elimination communication). 

So yesterday we travelled back to Thunder Bay from Orangeville, 1:45min plane ride. The last time we traveled we used pocket diapers which are great at containing messes and smells. This time we were in flats and a homemade wool cover....bad idea. 

For the past two months Hadley has been going number two on the toilet, I have missed the cues a total of five times during this time (not including what happened on the plane lol). We have a potty seat that fits on the regular toilet at home. Hadley's schedule fell apart with all the travelling we have been doing the past two weeks, but we have managed to stick with the EC. 

Yesterday....I had to wake up at 5am I changed her before we left Orangeville around 6am and again before heading through security at 7:30am. We are about to take off, seatbelt sign is on and she starts grunting, I'm thinking everyone can tell what she's up to so I try to make some noises to detract from her noises. I can smell a dirty diaper and I'm praying that no one else can. As soon as we are cruising and the seatbelt sign goes off I bolt for the bathroom. The change goes surprisingly well for being on a plane and using flats. We get back to our seats and I can still smell the dirty diaper smell, I'm blaming that on the two kids behind us lol. The flight was super turbulent so the seatbelt sign was on for most of the trip. Just as we start to descend Hadley starts at it again this time I had to wait til we landed to change her. At home we made it to the potty two more times that day, which was unheard of for her. I ended up having to wash three loads of flats by hand between lunchtime yesterday and 2pm today. Hopefully our schedule will get back on track and the number of flats we use a day will drop. 

I'm using all 12 each day so far, with pockets it's usually 8. How many diapers do you go through in a day?

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