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Friday, 15 March 2013

I love my Mystery Fluff!

I know I said my next post would be a review on my Kawaii diapers, but I am too excited to share my Mystery Fluff with you!

I placed my Mustery Fluff order on March 3rd from Kissed By The Moon I chose the Loved Mystery Fluff "Butterfly Kisses".  This means the contents of the package are unknown to me and they are previously used diapers. The cost for the package I chose was $30 plus $10 for shipping from California. The order form asks for colour preference; boy, girl, or gender neutral, size; small, medium, or large, an there is a section for other comments. In the comments section I wrote that I would like to try out some hybrids or other options besides pockets due to the summer weather coming. 

This is what I received:

A TotsBots Easyfit in Hansel & Gretel
This is a really cute print with an attached soaker and a super soft polyester
material on both the soaker and the inside layer of the diaper. The soaker can
either be tucked inside the pocket or just laid on top. This allows you to add another absorbing layer for nighttime. I have only used it once and I love how trim and light this diaper is. 

A Swaddlebees Simplex in Butterflies
Also an adorable print and is the same idea as the TotsBots with the attached soaker. The inside of this diaper is made of birdseye cotton as well as the soaker. Additionally, the soaker has a fleece outer layer to lie against the baby's bum. This diaper isn't quite as trim and light but being made of cotton it's super breathable. 

Both diapers retail for $23.95us so I got a great deal. Not to mention there was a cute little note on the invoice from the owner Tammi, saying she hopes I 
enjoys the diapers and that they are two of her favourites.  I would definitely do this again (as soon as my husband lets me), it's so exciting to see what you get and to try something new.

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