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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Diaper Prepping

All new diapers need to be prepped before you use them.  This ensures that all the oils on the fabric wash off, allowing for full absorbency. I know that this has to be done with fleece, microfibre, bamboo, and hemp.

Fleece and microfibre
To prep my pocket diapers I washed the diapers a total of three times, and the I setts four times.  I did the first wash with diapers and inserts together and added detergent to help wash off the oils. In between each wash you must allow  everything to become completely dry. The next washes I did without detergent. 

Hemp and Bamboo
These natural fibres contain more oils than the fleece and microfibre and take more washes to reach maximum absorbency. For these it took me five washes for both the diaper and the insert but it can take up to eight from what I have read. I did the first two washes with detergent and the last three without. Only problem with these diapers is that it takes much longer for the natural fibres to completely dry and I'm not a patient person lol. 

How do you know when the diapers are ready for use?
I would take one diaper and one insert from the load, I did this after the wash cycle prior to drying (save me from having to dry again). Pour some water on them, if the water stays in beads on top then it will need more washing before use.  If the water absorbs right in, you can dry them fully and use them. My diapers usually feel pretty dry after the spin cycle on my washer, if they come out wet you may want to let them dry before testing the absorbency. 

Please follow my blog and pass it on to your friends. Next post will be a review of the first diapers I purchased, Kawaii pocket diapers. Ill explain why I use these second last in my stash. 

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