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Monday, 25 February 2013

Cloth diapers? Really?

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was pretty shocked as well as scared.  How would we afford to provide our little munchkin with the best of everything she needed?  All the frugal, thrifty mothers out there recommended cloth diapers as a way of saving money and so the research began.  I spent months reading and watching videos, yet it only took minutes to fall in love with the oh-so adorable fluffy baby butt.  How could something so cute save us money, especially when each diaper costs an average of $15?  Easy, it's a one time purchase (or multiple purchase addiction-but I'm talking about saving some money).  I read somewhere that it costs roughly $2000 to diaper a child in disposables for two years, cloth diapers are roughly $500 for the same amount of time and can be used for multiple children.  So we saved about $1500 right there.

Most people scoff when I mention cloth diapers, or say something like "they are so much work, I don't have time for that".  I doesn't take me any longer to put one on my baby, or take one off and it's just an extra load of laundry added to the countless loads I do already.  The only extra time I put into them is searching for cute new prints to buy and stuffing and folding them, which I enjoy because I get to admire my collection.

On top of all that I feel like I'm doing a good deed for my babe. Today is her five month birthday and in the three and a half months that I've cloth diapered, I have yet to have a blowout or a diaper rash.  What made you decide to use fluff? Or what's stopping you?

Look for my next post chronicling my cloth diapering routine.

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